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Anita & Paul

Tracey has helped us bring the fun and laughter back into our relationship. We didn’t have any major problems, we were just bickering a lot and had stopped appreciating each other and seemed to be making each other miserable. Tracey helped us to step back and see how our behaviour was becoming toxic and we worked towards understanding what was really going on for the other person. We can now talk openly and honestly and our relationship is improving all the time and we seem to laugh a lot more.

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I knew counselling was working for me when I came home from work one day and my husband was having a beer (very unusual). I asked him if everything was OK and he told me he was celebrating. When I asked him what he was celebrating he simply answered “Tracey has given me my wife back”. It brought tears to my eyes and I know Tracey has played a big part in my recovery from depression.

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Dave G

Tracey has a way of bringing calm to chaos, I don’t know how she does it, but my life felt completely overwhelming. She helped me bring order to my life and get things in perspective.

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I cannot recommend counselling with Tracey highly enough. She has a way of really understanding where you are coming from, in my case, pretty mixed up! I really got a sense that she loves what she does and really wants to help you. She believed in me!!

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Yvonne D

Without the help of Tracey I do not think my relationship would have survived. I saw her with my husband who had had an affair and our marriage was on the brink of collapse. Tracey was very sensitive and remained very calm, even when there clearly was a lot of anger in the room!

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Tracey has a lovely warm and caring way about her. She gave me the courage to discuss issues from my past that had been affecting my life and my relationships. I cannot thank her enough for her help and patience.

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Mr & Mrs C

My wife and I went to see Tracey regarding issues with our long standing marriage. Admittedly I was apprehensive to start with and slightly sceptical. However Tracey soon put us both at ease and helped us work through our various issues.

Throughout our sessions with Tracey remained professional and yet had a warmth about her that enabled us to tackle some painful issues in a way that I believe we couldn’t manage by ourselves.

I found her approach very honest and my only regret is that we didn’t go to see her sooner.

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I had to consult with Tracey after a traumatic experience and felt concerned about approaching a professional. I hadn’t ever thought I would need such help. There were certain situations when I felt nervous, embarrassed and couldn’t cope. My heart would race and I would feel the need to escape.

Tracey is a highly intuitive person who is keen to help. She has given me many mechanisms and suggestions that helped me greatly. Although my therapy ended in 2014, I am still using the strategies she taught me, which are always useful.

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