Personal Counselling

Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to start where he was
(Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-82 American Poet, Philosopher and Author)

My Belief

I believe people seek counselling at times of crisis or change. I understand it can feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel and it can be difficult to cope.

Sometimes it can be a long journey before arriving at the counsellors’ door. Trying to sort out the problem by yourself has not worked. Trying to talk to friends or family has been unsuccessful.

Various feelings can often prevent a person seeking counselling. I have often heard the phrases:

  • “I should be able to sort this out myself”
  • “I can’t tell anyone”
  • “What’s wrong with me”
  • “I just want the old me back”

I believe that reaching out for help is the first step on the road to recovery. A journey that requires commitment and is a sign of strength and courage.

The Way I Work

I am a caring and patient counsellor working in a Person Centred way and understand how difficult seeking help may be for you.

I will not judge you; I will listen to your concerns and work to understand you in a way that you can move forward to facilitate change in your life.

I work creatively and continue in my professional training to ensure my work is effective with my clients.

Through this process you can become aware of the resources you have within you that can lead to change.

Why I Do This Job

I am passionate about counselling and helping people through difficult periods in their lives. I consider it a privilege that my clients feel safe enough to allow me into their lives and their deepest thoughts and emotions. To share another person’s journey to recovery and understanding of themselves is a constant source of motivation for me. I never tire of learning more about the human spirit and its capacity to survive and seek change.

What to Expect

I understand that counselling can be a daunting prospect, especially for someone seeking help for the first time.

I have many years’ experience and will guide you through the process ensuring your safety at all times.

We will only discuss issues that you feel able to talk about and our discussions remain confidential*.

The session will last one hour. Counselling can take place over weeks or months, depending on your requirements.

Cost & Availability

£50.00 per one hour session
Appointments available Monday – Saturday
Daytime and evening
Sunday appointments at additional cost
Home visits by arrangement

*As a member of BACP and in line with their Code of Ethics there are exceptions to confidentiality as listed below:

  • Where client gives consent for the confidence to be broken.
  • Where the therapist is compelled by a court of law.
  • Where information is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained.